~Traveling Author and Adventurer~    

 Unpaid and Unsolicited


1947 brought me in on the heels of WWII.  Life was a ferris wheel with lots of ups and downs . 

We moved around...a lot.

By the time I was grown, it had left a mark on me. 

Never satisfied, easily bored,  always looking, always trying sidelines, led me down many paths. 

I worked in film, co-produced and hosted a radio program about cowboys, toured as a cowboy poet, sang in my church choir, taught shooting sports to youngsters, competed in bbq and chili cook-offs, hunted, fished, trained dogs, organized a bill-fishing tournament in Costa Rica, partnered and served as COO of a Costa Rica tour service, and the list goes on ad infinitum. I did all of this while running the business that paid my bills. It's a statement of search .... or maybe QUEST is a better word.... for a piece of stage or a spotlight to dance in.

Having always been drawn to literature but without being formally trained, I wrote as a release of thought and feeling. Travel was a balm for an itchy foot.

Those travels began on bird hunts in Mexico in the 1980's.  

I spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, bill-fishing, and then lived there twice. I made several trips to Panama and Nicaragua and then Peru and resided in Ecuador twice. I lived on the island of Utila in Honduras then moved on to Antigua, Guatemala.. and then to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for a year.

I came back across the Pacific to reside in Mexico, at Ajijic first, then  Puerto Vallarta and Ixtlahuacan where I've found many new friends and a lot of contentment.

Texas and Mexico are where I'm currently splitting my time, perhaps to be followed by a look at Belize. I will go as God, my health and finances allow.

Having my sights set on a novel drawing from my travels and love of boats and the sea, in 2012, after a tough two years of wrestling with the ills of writing/publishing, I finally gave birth to Deadly Caye. It is a book about a Texan who undergoes a traumatic situation which catapults him into a life change involving a refurbished motor-yacht and adventures in the islands with an old sea captain.

Deadly Caye is first in a series and is to be followed by "Reef Walker", the sequel.

I am the father of four beautiful daughters and have nine grandchildren.

They wonder why I can't stay at home and be normal. I don't know how to spell it much less live it. 

As long as there is a beach I haven't walked or a sea I haven't fished I guess I'll keep looking.

I've never been a lot happier but I have Ben Broker so things are definitely looking up.