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Peaceful and pretty !

Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica in Limon Province isn’t the prettiest beach in the country. In my opinion it isn’t even the prettiest beach on the Caribbean. I like Playa Manzanillo better but Chiquita is nice and it’s just a few kilometers south of Puerto Viejo and accessed by good road. There are several fairly decent places to stay and the prices aren’t too terribly expensive. For the budget minded, there are some good deals if you don’t mind not being right on the beach.

The best thing about Playa Chiquita is Bruce Walker and his Playa Chiquita Riding Stables. Bruce loves what he’s doing and he loves people AND he loves his horses. Periodically a person falls into his or her niche and with some luck, faith, and hard work make their mark doing something they love. Bruce Walker has succeeded in being what all of us strive to be….HAPPY ! I respect the enthusiasm and sacrifice that Bruce has brought to his efforts to become a part of his Costa Rican community and I admire the lengths he has gone to so that he may realize his dream of living in Costa Rica but more than all that, I am proud to have such a wonderful man for a friend. Bruce is kind, gentle, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient, and giving. He thanks God for his good fortune and never, to my knowledge, has been anything but a blessing to those who come into contact with him.  Playa Chiquita Riding Stables is a great place to experience the jungle and  Caribbean shoreline from horseback in the company of a man who is excited to share what he has and what he knows. I highly recommend Playa Chiquita Riding Adventures to anyone headed to the area of Puerto Viejo. Tell my dear friend Bruce that I said hello ! See his happy face below. Check out his website at

Bruce Walker from Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica