I was looking forward to revisiting my old love affair with Costa Rica. She was the beginning of my wanderlust and had been a kind mistress for many years. I loved her and she repaid my adoration with whispered promises of things yet to come.

I arrived on the 10th of July and took a cab ride to the unique little boutique hotel of my dear and beloved friend William Rodriguez. Casa Marta and her staff were old favorites of mine and it was like showing up at your Aunts’ house on Thanksgiving. The arrival and welcome were warm and sincere and it brought smiles to my face and a song to my heart.001 1024x768 0261 1024x768 024 1024x768

William was the same wonderful amigo I had said goodbye to a couple of years before and his staff were the same sweet pair of accommodating ladies who had always helped make my stays so memorable.

I went to Maritza’s (top photo) for some of her wonderful Empanadas and it was so flattering to see that they not only remembered me but seemed to do so with genuine affection.

I hooked up with my good buddy Mauricio (Mau) and he treated me to a great Italian sandwich made with bread which he bakes fresh daily. I shared it with William that evening and it was yummy!

I walked to El Regalon, a small clothing store and bought an umbrella from the lovely Nerlyn and saw that she was as lovely as ever…..and still way too young for old dogs! LOL! The umbrella she sold me for about $5 was defective and tore the first time I used it….but such is Costa Rica.

I stopped by to see my old doctor friend, Girish Sony Soni, and had a wonderful chat with Evyllen, his new nurse and receptionist while we waited on Girish to appear for his scheduled appointments and walk-ins. He was overjoyed to see me and the sincerity of his welcome brought a lump to my throat. for as with all my friends, I hold them seriously in high regard.

Costa Rica has gotten increasingly expensive and some of my old haunts are no longer in business, falling victim to decline in business opportunity. It saddened me but I did enjoy my three day stay though it will be a long time before Palmares sees me again, I’m afraid 002 1024x768.

This is the first in a three part posting on my return visit to Coata Rica. Stay tuned for more.

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