I’m finally taking the time to finish this up after almost a month has passed.

I boarded the bus from Playa Manzanillo to San Jose, Costa Rica at 7am on a soggy dripping morning and kicked back for the 4 hour trip. I thought of the years of bouncing in and out of Costa Rica, of the wonderful fishing trips, the magnificent countryside, the diversity, the friends I’d made and the chances at love I had encountered over the years and realized that, for me, Costa Rica  needed to be retired to my memory box.

It has gotten stupidly expensive unless you live like a backpacker/road bum. In many cases it’s worse than the U.S.

I arrived in San Jose and paid more for the cab ride to Alajuela, where Juan Santamaria Airport is located, than for my room at Casa Eukaria (24 hour stop-over).

Casa Eukaria: Nice private home converted to hostel by Steven and Natalia, a cool and very smart young couple working to make the place pay off. The house belongs to his mom. It should happen for them as it’s only ten minutes from the airport. If the cabbie who took me to it had known the right way to get there (and maybe he did) my cab ride would have been $20 less. 

None the less, other than the noise from a birthday party next door, I truly enjoyed my stay while waiting to depart Costa Rica.

Steven is a computer whiz and helped me with some stuff and then Natalia cooked one of the best soups I’ve ever eaten .

I took my leave eventually and was deposited at the airport where I was treated rudely by the Avianca counter personnel, had a rotten flight with an unscheduled layover and had a brand new collapsible baggage cart totally destroyed by Aviacas baggage handlers. Avianca/ Taca sucks! Will avoid them like the plague. Left Costa Rica and my life there and since I’ve posted CR photos for years, only added the pertinent ones here. Adios Costa Rica and Buena Suerte!

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