Booked Avianca but it was TACA who was the carrier and what a passenger rape I experienced. Was a multi-city flight, first stop San Jose, Costa Rica with a plane change in San Salvador. That went ok. Then it fell apart. Was supposed to have a direct flight from San Jose to Quito, Ecuador but it got rerouted through Bogota, Columbia with a 2 hour delay. Plane was delayed on departure from Dallas for 40 minutes and delayed in San Jose for 40 minutes due to mechanical issues which were resolved by an onboard passenger who mechanics for another airline.

Airline DESTROYED my new backpack cart…..TS ! Caused me a 12 hour delay in the rerouting. Lost my hotel room in Quito since we arrived a day late. And then when I needed to cut my trip short due to an aging fathers health, kept me on hold or bouncing from agent to agent for 5 1/2 hours over a three day period and THEN besides the $175 change fee wanted to charge me an additional $875 to fly home early. THEN, told me they would try to work something out and would call me within 72 hours and I NEVER heard from them again so I booked a fight home on American for $411. Stay away……far, far, away from Taca Airlines !  They are no good from my experience!

Don't  FLY TACA ! They don't  do well !

Don’t FLY TACA! They don’t do well!