Royal Palace….Say Whut ?

Carrizo Springs, Texas…home of …not too much other than being in the heart of the Eagle Ford oil play and home to Brush Country RV Park which is owned by my brother. You’d think that there might be some good restaurants catering to the oilfield crowd. You’d be wrong! The town has a MacDonalds and a Sonic and Church’s and DQ but the real sit down and eat experiences are ho-hum to say the most. I was told all this by my bro and his little Latina fiancee but would I take their word? NOPE! Had to find out for myself. Saddled up my Caddy and rode south out of town on 83 until I turned into the smoking in the sun parking lot of Royal Palace Restaurant. I should have been suspicious over the lack of vehicles in the parking lot at dinner time in oil land. One thing about rig hands and the folks who work with the service companies in the patch… they eat! I strolled in. There was a couple with a screaming kid and two blue collar types watching separate TV’s. TV’s in a dining room are normal in Hispanic country. Many a taco has been munched while watching cartoons or some loco drama in Spanish where everyone is overacting. There were several young Mexican servers playing slap and tickle with each other and arguing over who had to work this old gringos’ table. I wandered as far as possible from the screamer and crawled into a booth. My hostess slid a menu at me and went to get me a sweet tea whiled I mulled over my choices. The pictures were really unappetizing but after retrieving my glasses from the car, I ordered the cheese enchiladas…right? Mexican food in South Texas in a restaurant with predominately Mexican fare and Mexican servers should be a no-brainer! My tea arrived with a basket of chips and a salsa verde, a salsa rojo, and something like a pico de gallo. The tea was actually tea colored sugar. It was so sweet and grainy from the sugar that it was almost chewable. Yuk!  The chips were about 1/8 inch thick, cold and reminded me what it was like to bite into a plate. Wow! The salsas were kinda ok and would have been good with a nice tortilla chip. The food appeared really quickly and so nuked that the beans had a light crusting on them. It was hot…not very good but very hot. The upshot of this story is more about what is or isn’t in a name than maybe anything else. Nothing about the place did justice to the Royal Palace moniker. I thought maybe it should be renamed something like Betcha Can’t Chew It or Hola Amigo, You Ain’t Hongry, Right?  Tomorrow, maybe I’ll do pizza. Anyone seen an Italian?