Burp !

Never trust the need to get to a bathroom, hunger, and a group of vehicles to work together for your best interest, especially in Tortilla Flats country. Had a long day at work and didn’t feel quite up to cooking. So, after making a run through Wal Mart for a sunshade to keep me from repeating the second degree burns I received on my hands upon entering my car and grabbing the wheel in 107 degree heat, I went to get  a bite to eat. Sonic seemed easy but Daddy Bladder screamed for a more accessable men’s room and frantically searching for one, I saw a golden opportunity and a parking spot in front of the Carrizo Springs version of a Chinese Buffet. I rushed in, ordered water from the waiter and made a dash for some relief. I stopped by the buffet bar on the way back to the table for some boiled shrimp. Bad move ! Tried eggdrop soup next. No bueno but edible. All items looking fresher than a dragons breath followed, with me becoming more depressed and tentative with each yukky mouthful. Finally, unable to find anything that didn’t give me visions of stomach trauma, I paid and, still hungry, left and returned to my brothers where two beers and a handful of skittles cleansed my palate of Goo Dung Poo and life became bearable, if not happily fed, for yours truly. My opinion….save your Chinese chompin’ for someplace other than Carrizo Springs.