My brother and I rolled into Campwood hungry and pulled into a place he’d eaten before named Two Fat Boys BBQ. It’s a neat little place in the middle of an expansion program designed to bring beer and wine into the picture so that the biker crowd who normally find the area enticing will be more inclined to lengthen their layovers.

I ordered a combo plate with brisket, pork ribs, beans, cold slaw, pickles and onions with ice tea as a belly washer and my grizzly size “baby” brother, Jerry, followed suit. We were introduced to the one remaining fatboy who bought the other one out and he followed us into the dining area and plopped down for a chat. Seems this fatboy, by the name of “Chug” Mc Cammeron, bought his buddy out when they couldn’t agree on the need for expansion and is in the process of trying to get liquor added to his menu. We chitted, chatted and chewed for a spell as we became better acquainted and I told ol’ Chug that I thought I might add him to my blog and so….here tis! Chug has a pit made from a 500 gallon propane tank and cranks out some decent bbq on it along with a slathering of good tasting sides and cold iced tea.

Jerry and I both agreed that the ribs were pretty tasty and the brisket, although a tad dry and a little grey, was tender and had decent flavor. The cold slaw was good and if we’d had any sense would have served ourselves some beans so that I could have reported on them but we plumb forgot about them We did circle back and got a complimentary refill on our teas. Chug is a nice old boy and fairly friendly and hospitable which is always a plus. His counter help, when we were there, was one of those salty acting ex-something or others that Texas is full of and a cute little lady, sporting a wedding set, that I took to be Chug’s better half. Anyhow, after the grub and gab we slid on down the road but will definitely do a return engagement on the grub next time we roll through Campwood. I recommend it. It’s good enough to warrant a thumbs’ up and I liked Chug and his crew. That makes it good enough for most folks I know too so drop by for a bite and say hi to Chug. If the bikers are stacked in the place you’ll know he finally got cold beer. 

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Only one fat boy now but a nice guy !

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Driving away with a full belly, a bent ear and a grin! Another great stop!