We made the decision to eat here because we wanted catfish and my brother had eaten here before and said it was delicious. We arrived at 4:45. CCS opens at 5PM and we waited. The beer was cold although we had to switch to bottles after we discovered “That” taste from the draft beer that said the tap needed cleaning. The Caesar salads were tasty and the meal was very good although we ordered fried catfish filets and got blackened Tilapia…WHAT? Yeppers. It was a booboo but Jerry and I were hungry, it was tasty, Valorie (our waitress) was a doll, and so we ate and didn’t complain. Another patron said the prime rib was yum and the best thing on the menu. Another time! Cripple Creek Steakhouse has a beer garden and a stage and I hope to be there when something is going on out there. If you make it to Del Rio, Texas…try Cripple Creek Steakhouse. Say hi to Valorie for us. She’s the cutie on the right in the photo of the crew. 098 1024x768

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