Rolled into Uvalde to escape the boredom of Carrizo Springs and do some shopping.

I’ve consistently enjoyed Uvalde. It has a much more positive flow than the smaller towns south of it like Crystal City and Carrizo. It also has a charm that they lack entirely.

The lovely courthouse and old homes lining Hwy. 83 along with a beautiful park with pretty water features and a fountain make this old town a standout in an area where the pretty hill country changes into the rugged mesquite flats of South Texas.

There are numerous places to eat and I stopped at the Town House Restaurant and ordered fried liver w/onions & gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and toast washed down with cold sweet tea. It was very tasty and the liver was tender and well prepared.

Down the road a piece is the Lunker Bar & Grill for a cold beer. It’s a private club with a temporary memebership fee of $3 so one beer cost me $5.75. Gulp !

The Lone Star honky tonk provides live music and dancing for those who prefer a more active social environment and Ruby’s Bar is a little tucked away bar with characters to go along with a libation.There are several other watering holes and multiple restaurants and shops and businesses and all in all….it’s a lively, bustling litte piece of Texana.

The town is associated with several famous folks such as:

Wowie ! Jowie ! Lots of mallards for such a small pond !

Downside ? As always, there is one. The overspray from a certain sector gives various areas of town that neglected, unkempt or trashed look that seems to be the signpost of the Rio Grande and it’s army of invaders. It’s a shame but it is what it is. Otherwise, Uvalde is a rose in a bed of cactus. 011 1024x768