A great drive is Hwy. 377 running south from Fort Worth. It will carry you all the way to Junction, Texas and drop you into Hwy. 83 just before I-10. Continuing to the I-10 intersection, you may turn back east for about 5 miles then south on 83 again and roll all the way through Carrizo Springs, joining up with Hwy. 35 north of Laredo. The towns in order are Fort Worth, Granbury, Stephenville, Dublin, Comanche, Brownwood, Brady, Mason, Junction, Leakey, Uvalde, Crystal City, Carrizo Springs and Laredo. There are some small communities scattered along the way like London and La Pryor but I’ve named the major ones. The landscape changes periodically and it’s rugged and beautiful and majestic and full of worthwhile sidetrips and interesting storefronts and of course there are the rivers (the Frio and Nueces). If you want to kill a week-end looking around, it’s as good a way and a route as any. I like it pretty much.