Today I opened a new Facebook page for my novel. “Deadly Caye”,

It ties in well to the blog and the continued travels following a 12 year run of escaping south of the Rio Grande. I’ll be  returning to Ecuador in July with one and possibly three friends along for a giggle and a grin. We’ll maybe start out in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua then transfer to Costa Rica to say hi to old friends and then to Quito to give them a 25 cent tour of Ecuador before they return home and I settle in for five and a half months while I work on my sequel.

I’ll be posting some info and photos of Granada, Nicaragua and some tales and photos of my days in Costa Rica.

I’ve joined an expat blog/forum and at the present rate I’ll have to hire a typist to keep up. LOL.

I’m using my adventures abroad to provide backgrounds for my novels. Deadly Caye has many semi-factual accounts of some of those travels.  carrillobeach7084333 tropical island and boat nature background2 1024x683