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One of the things about living on the road almost constantly is you begin to understand things you were told but ignored. Those things are sometimes very simple but if you are hard headed and a clothes horse…like me, they take an inordinate amount of time to sink in. There will be no photos in this post. I will give you some free info and expect you to totally ignore it. This will be short…and to the point.

A. Unless you are going on a business trip or to a wedding or expect to be invited to a palace leave your nice expensive clothes at home. It is normally cheaper to buy where you are going than in America. I always go pre-trip shopping for just one thing and wind up catching a sale and spending several times what I Intended. Then I pack it and lug it around while the laundries take turns destroying it.

Men ..depending on where you are headed… sneakers OR walking shoes. Need flip flops? Buy them there…leave them there.  1 Pair of slacks, khakis, chinos etc..  Wear them to where you are going. Can usually get a couple of days out of them without laundry. Same for …1 pair walking shorts, 1 swim suit that will double as shorts. Two polo shirts (wear one). Two pair socks… 1 white, one tan.  Need tees? Buy them there. A nylon windbreaker with a hood that is water repellent.

Toothbrush, razor, comb and travel size deoderant, toothpaste, soap and shampoo, camera and a tiny keychain flashlite. Leave the laptop at home and go to internet cafes to check emails.

That’s it.

I over pack every time!

B. Ladies….lol ….forget it….never gonna happen.

Men…….. refuse to haul their wardrobe around. Couple of trips and they’ll buy it there.

C. Take your meds that you need out of the bottles and put them in a ziplock bag. Going for a week ? …7 x your daily dosage in a bag. Write down your meds and strengths and dosages and stick in your luggage someplace. Usually much cheaper to buy abroad. Most drug stores in Latin America and Asia will sell you what you need over the counter at stupidly reduced prices. You can also place your meds on a piece of Scotch tape long enough to fold over and place in the ziplock. Dealing with bulk here….not really a lot of weight.

D. Leave your tempers and prejudices at home or don’t go. Try to be friendly and affable. Smile a lot at strangers. It doesn’t cost you a dime.

E. Read up on currency rates and transportation cost where you are going. New kid in town with baggage? They see  ….SUCKER!

F. Finally….if you and the wife are shopaholics….the less you take the easier it is to bring home those things you couldn’t pass up, including a cheap piece of luggage purchased there to carry them in. Personally, after trying lots of different methods and sizes…I prefer a small rolling case to one I HAVE to carry or wear.

Simplify your travel. It makes it so much easier and enjoyable.

BTW….If you can’t spend the time to read a guide book and make your arrangements to see what interests you…pay a tour company to herd your butt around with the rest of the livestock. Then you will all have photos that match the ones millions of other sheeple have.

That’s it! Have fun!