Left the pavement today and rode up toward Mae Yao which is a tampon of Chiang Rai consisting of 18 villages.

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I’ve been curious about this stretch for some time and it is lovely.

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Riding out Honglee Road to the new bridge, cross the river turn left and ride until you need to turn around.

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A word of caution….when the pavement ends….it gets rough.


It’s worth it. The countryside is beautiful.

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Rice lands interspersed with mountains , streams and the river give such variety to your gaze.


Every direction you look presents you with vistas of complexity and interest.

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I rode into an area where I became nervous over the terrain, distance from town, and lateness of the day. There I turned and retraced my tracks but was thrilled with what I had seen.

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Sometimes life is so beautiful that there are no words to express the joy of just being involved.