Today I rode alone and went over some new ground, I rode about 70 kilometers starting from my condo and out 1232 to 1173 and then in a circle until I came back to 1232.

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I passed a lot of farming country along the river.

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 I took a short detour through a village and stopped to photograph their temple.

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Riding on I came to a lovely little rest stop with food and beverage and a great view of the surrounding rice lands.

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032The two lovely 17 years old girls who work there are Chip and Sue.

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They served me a yummy iced orange tea.

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The place is peacefully nestled into the countryside and has a pretty setting.


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034Enroute to Wiang Chai I stopped several times to photograph local sights and several temples.

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A picture of the King and Queen.

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Arriving eventually, I stopped at the Honda dealership to ask directions. They were very kind and helpful.

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I rode on, photographing as I went and eventually found my way home.

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Everywhere I went I was treated with courtesy, respect and kindness.

Another great day in Thailand.