My new friend Bill, who is Canadian, and I went on another scooter ride today. These are the photos and some commentary. Many fatalities occur on scooters every year in this country. The driving in general…Sucks! If you come here and rent a bike, be very careful.

This is on the road to the Buddha Cave.

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Here are some new houses being built and I like them.

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Arrived at Buddha Cave Temple.

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This is a really cool temple on the banks of the Mae Kok river across the river from Chiang Rai Beach.


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 I could have spent more time here and will definitely return.

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Cleaning day at the temple.


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That’s Chiang Rai Beach across the river.

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A little hazy but the countryside was lovely.

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Temples everywhere you look.

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And …..elephants…..carrying tourists?


And really cool houses!

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 And pretty plots. With ponds.