One of the wonderful things about being me and traveling as much as I do is the appreciation I receive from those who read my posts. It’s very flattering and heartwarming to have others applaud your interpretations of what is experienced traveling through these countries and cultures.

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The odd thing …..the thing I always have a difficult time understanding is why so many CHOOSE to be observers instead of participants when it comes to experiencing all that life has to offer in travel as a normal part of daily life.

Once we, as individuals, cease to function in the roles of providers for our children and we have acquired a modicum of success in our field of endeavor, time begins winding down. We will not be required…. or desired to be a constant companion to our families unless it is as a convenience factor to them.  We allow others to spend the minutes of our lives enriching their existence instead of using that time to enrich our view of the world we live in.

Travel and life outside the United States, Canada and Great Britain is not only interesting and rewarding but financially feasible for those who struggle to live inside those three countries. $1000 dollars a month can provide a very comfortable sojourn in another part of the world. I do it on less and have way more gusto than I could expect on three times that amount at home. Not only that but….I am seeing and doing those things that keep me active and growing at a time when many my age begin to stagnate because of the sameness of their routines.

However, travel as a lifestyle requires three things besides a small income or savings account.

It requires the desire to see and do outside the normal comfort zone.

It requires a sense of adventure and the courage to take on the challenges of learning to function inside unfamiliar cultures.

And it takes an everyday, old fashioned common sense approach to cycling through the new…. and sometimes confusing scenarios of not necessarily speaking the languages of the countries which may be your host.

Fortunately, English is spoken, to some degree by a huge segment of the world’s people.

In conclusion, YOU can be and see and do so many wonderful,exciting, and exotic variables if that is what you choose AND it can be done on such a insignificant purse compared to what most find necessary at home.

I am not trying to change your lives. I AM trying to empower you to do it!

I am grateful for the notice and applause of those who ride along with me on the pages of these ramblings. I hope to be able to continue to post my adventures for many years.

I invite each of you to grab on to your own vine and swing along through your own stretch of new vistas and experiences.

You can be the Champion in your dreams!