This morning I went to the Chiang Rai Tour and Service store and rented a 125cc Yamaha scooter from Bell, the young lady whose father owns the place. I gave her my Texas driver license to hold in lieu of a $70 deposit and paid one month of rental…$64 up front and donning my helmet…rode away. The receipt she gave me had all the info off my DL in case the cops stop me.

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I returned with it to my condo where I was invited to join Canadian, Bill, an ex sea captain, on a bike ride. We rode the opposite side of the river and he was very informative.

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He showed me a great bakery.

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Then I photographed some of the countryside.

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We stopped by the elephant camp and got up close and personal.

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We stopped at a little store for water and Bill bought ice creams for a group of children.

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The new bridge over the Mae Kok River gave me other photo ops.

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Some areas were familiar but offered good shots.

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The road was a series of twists and turns up and down hillsides.

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I was starving and we pulled into a roadside place where I bought a small loaf of banana bread for 5 baht and a little package of sugar donuts for 2 baht .

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We rode until we came to a viewing area at the river edge and stopped again.

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Then Bill showed me a bar & grill owned by an octogenarian American who was involved with our space program. His last name is Battles, I believe.

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Then on to another cafe to look at the menu.

We continued and rode through the Chiang Rai Beach featured in another post. We rode through a subdivision which , for some reason, failed.

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Then returned to the condo at the end of our loop. It was a very pleasant day, never exceeding 40 mph and concentrating on safety first.

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Looking forward to many more outings like this.