Many of you know that Ben Broker is a pen name and who it is a pen name for. What you may not know is that Ben/Bob/ME is currently residing in Thailand and have only been here a couple of weeks.

Thailand is a gorgeous country and for the most part, what little I’ve seen of it, is very friendly and safe. It has some of the most awe inspiring vistas, landscapes, views….whatever you’d like to call them….that could be imagined. The cost of living is incredibly inexpensive and the food is delicious.

Thailand has some very interesting neighbors. Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia all share borders. Viet Nam and China are just a hop, skip, and jump away by boat, train, or plane.

Anyway… on to the point of my post.

Many of my friends are reaching an age where health issues combined with a fear of the unknown and general complacency have made them poor candidates for travel. Over the last several years I’ve offered them virtually free accommodations and guide service in several Latin American nations where I was residing at different times without having any takers. I have a new idea for an as yet undiscovered, group of adventurous souls who may or may not be able to afford an exciting and foreign lifestyle.

Come to Thailand, travel together, keep individual journals and let’s collaborate on a book about our shared views of what, where, who and when as we slowly work our way through this awesome country.

The cost of living here, including transportation, is under $1000 a month. Currently I’m living in a furnished condo in a northern city in the Mueang Chaing Rai province and able to live very comfortably and rent a motor scooter by the month, all for less than $200 per week.

A one year unlimited entry/exit Visa is $200. It requires that you check in with an immigration office for stamping every 90 days. The country is loaded with Brits, Aussies, Europeans…and yes, even Americans.

I can visualize a crew of fun, energetic, and sociable folks riding motor scooters or traveling by bus/rail/plane through this country while sharing in an adventure of a lifetime.

I think..for the sake of the safety and happiness of all concerned, several criteria should apply.

1. A good guy letter from a participant’s local police or Sheriff Department.

2. A passport with at least one year left on it.

3. An understanding that this is a joint project and a pleasant and co-operative personality is imperative. Members who fail to socialize well may be asked to leave the project.

4. A physical condition that allows each individual to share equally in the normal daily activities of the project.

5. The ability to commit, in good faith, to the completion of at least 6 months of participation.

6. A willingness to approach the differences in cultural exchange with an open mind and an open heart.

Basically, I think this covers the initial idea. Decisions for the group effort will be opened for discussion and decided by democratic vote….majority leads.

Interested parties may contact me here and have 45 days from date of this post to do so. Openings limited due to restrictions based on group size constraints.

That’s it! Those who have the spirit and desire, let me hear from you.Godspell