Good morning to my family and my friends and whoever else might drop by and say hello.

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Sitting here having a cheese omelet, a couple pieces of toast & jelly and a cup of coffee which I hope will carry me forward through whatever my morning holds in store.
Last night I went to the new bistro in the lobby of my condo and had a glass of wine with my landlord, Joe, and several other guys…Rodney, Bill, Carl….then went to the walking street. The walking street is a street in a neighborhood where vendors…food, clothing, fashion accessories, set up stall or tents one night during the week-end so that pedestrians may stroll and shop. It also will have a stage at one end where a band will play and people dance. Cool concept. I’ve been to two of them since I arrived.
Last night I walked there (5 city blocks away) walked through the major part of it (3 city blocks of crowded foot traffic going and coming) then walked back to the condos. I was pooped. I stopped back by the bistro and enjoyed some light chat and a cold beer before coming upstairs and making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and eating some watermelon. I ate a grilled meat on a stick and a battered and fried frankfurter at the walking street. My stomach woke me up during the night feeling iffy but after a while subsided. I will be more careful what I eat at the walking streets from now on.

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I’m going to rent a larger scooter (More cc’s) from a young lady who has a scooter rental. She’ll rent me a click 125 cc for 2000 baht ($76) a month. Add gas of 500 baht ($18) a month and I have my own transportation for less than $100 a month and the opportunity daily to become a Thai traffic fatality. I’m very careful but it is the other idiots who I must worry click thai

Well, see a taxi is between 50 and 100 baht a trip so that is an easy $100-$200 a month for travel beyond comfortable walking distances. If I cut back 1 beer a day, that still leaves me able to eat in the countryside on my travels and I’m thinking that the last six months here I may live traveling from place to place.005 1024x768
Thailand is very gay friendly. In fact I think transvestites/transgendered and bi-sexuals predominate certain areas and communities. The people I’ve met here so far are very questionable in their orientation and they have me somewhat nervous.

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I don’t care what anyone chooses in their life as long as they don’t try to carry me along in a car that doesn’t haul my kind of livestock. But I’ll try to paw enough dirt and hook enough brush to give me some space.


This is a gorgeous and friendly country so far and I’ll keep you all posted on my findings. I tell it like I see it so be prepared for whatever I encounter.

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