Today in the company of another American, I visited the Pha Soet Hot Spring and also viewed the elephant camp on the Maekok River.019 1024x768

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We roamed our way through the lush countryside riding motor scooters and I was so impressed by the natural beauty of the landscape.

We rolled through small hamlets and villages with names like Ban Du and Pahaolyothin.

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Upon reaching the springs my companion opted for a 1 hour massage for 150 baht while I changed into my trunks and submerged myself in the hot water of the spring for 30 baht. The water was plenty hot at the upper end of the tiled pool.  I stood it as long as possible then took a cold shower and changed back into my street clothes. I’ve heard this little spring slighted in comparison to others which I’ve visited, but it was pleasant and cheap and I was the only person I was trying to impress. So…there.

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I wandered about taking snapshots and finally remounted my scooter, rode up the road a hundred yards and waited on my companion while drinking a coke and munching on fried chicken for a total of 60 baht.

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It started raining on and off as we returned to Chiang Rai. At the bridge intersection we parted company and I riding alone through strange territory eventually made my way back to Chiang Rai. I passed the prison which looked…..LETHAL.

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I eventually stopped and topped off my tank with fuel, asked for and received directions in English and made it back to my condo safe and sound.

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Lovely trip. Pleasant weather. Nice people.  I suggest it heartily.

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