Arrived and found Antigua to be a fascinating place.

It is a bit on the expensive side for us old Budget Babies.

The climate is superb and rated in the top ten in the world.

There are many hotels ranging from a few dollars a night to a few hundred a night.

Restaurants are everywhere and most of them have second story terrace dining.

There are tons of specialty shops and bake shops and souvenir shops and candy shops.

Guatemalan Jade is the finest in the world and there are many shops and jewelry fabricators as well as Jade museums.

There are many old churches and edifices left from the Spanish Colonial era.

The city is a World Heritage site.

It also has an abundance of language school.

There are several parks and scenic points of interest.

Tuktuks provide cheap transportation for those who don’t wish to walk.

Beer drinkers will find an abundance of beverages ranging from about 85 cents in the big market to $3 – $4 in the bars and restaurants.

There are more beautiful women than one can spare eyeballs to look with.

Antigua has a lot to offer for all budgets but especially for the mid to upper tier.

Prices are similar to U.S. and a bit higher in some instances.

A day of walking around sampling what Antigua has to offer is very contenting but the city thrives on tourism and id geared specifically to milk that cow.

I hope to return but not for tourism. There are things here that interest me.