050Periodically  good stuff happens for no reason or, as we say in the south, “a blind hawg finds an acorn”.

I stumbled into Angeline Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala purely by accident several days ago.

Today was my third visit and one of the owners, Scott Mateo Davies, and I have gotten along well enough to be developing a friendship.

Today the rain had me pinned down in my foxhole but in the afternoon it took a break and I hit the streets and started flipflopping around town.

Stop number four was….you guessed it….Angeline.

Yesterday when I was there Scott informed me that they would be closed today BUT if I happened by to  knock on the door and if he was there we could visit.

Sure enough, he was there and so was Albert, his partner who happens to be not only a restaurateur but a linguist AND a Sommelier.

Today they were giving a blind wine tasting to their staff and they invited me to join. I was delighted. There were four blinds, 2 whites and 2 reds. First we had some information about what we were doing passed from Alberto to us and then we began. 3.5 hours later we finished.

I would have included more photos but my uploader is having problems so I will readdress this post with more photos at a later date.

Very informative. Very entertaining. Very professional. Most of the restaurant staff I’ve been in contact with are lucky to be trained  to know the difference between red and white ! LOL

Well done Angeline ! Very impressive.

Am I touting Angeline because I like the owners ? Not at all. I take pride in telling the good and the bad so that when someone visits a place I’ve written about they know what to expect and have an honest base to draw their own conclusions.

Angeline is top shelf but…even more than that, is a concerted effort to make everyone feel at home and welcome. THAT, along with constant attention to quality and detail, is the mark of involved and dedicated ownership.

Angeline is not for the timid or budget challenged. Fine dining seldom is. The business is ensconced in a 1908 structure that mirrors the  architecture that makes Antigua a standout visit. The edifice has been in the same family since it was originally constructed.

The only thing lacking is  roof terrace seating for rooftop views  of Antigua to compliment the feeling of old sophistication that is so much a part of Angeline. However, according to Scott, it’s in the works.

Great experience!  Great for Antigua!