I really hate to start a blog out negative on my travel site.

One of the things about traveling as much as I have in Latin America is that what other folks find acceptable, I find to be very….so, so.. Monterrico, Guatemala is one of those places I couldn’t get away from soon enough. Not because it’s a horrible place but because it is so mediocre when it comes to vacation spots. The trip started out poorly.



Firstly, I booked a van ride, roundtrip, for 160 Quesalas. As of this writing it takes about 7.5 Q to make a buck so that was about $22 in a van that the company said was a good one but was in essence a refurbished wreck with flapping doors and worn out shocks and rear springs. We huffed and puffed and flapped all the way but, in fairness, we made it…. with a few bruises and sore spots. That was thanks to OnVisa Travel 1 Travel Agency/ Tour Operator.


The volcano sent us a farewell kiss as we departed from the cool mountains of Antigua.



The landscape changed, very pleasantly at first.


The clunker we were in  managed to rattle it’s way the two and a half hours from Antigua to Monterrico.


We arrived and I will say this…..for the $16 a night I spent for my room, it was an ok deal.

No hot water but ensuite bathroom, ceiling fan and mosquito netting,


both EXTREMELY important,


nice pool ,


good bars, cold beers, competitive prices for onsite liquor and food and really nice and accommodating operators (Juan and his American wife Becky).


The place has some charm.


It also has a parrot who is chatty.


It has ugly, burn your feet HOT, black sand beaches which aren’t well kept outside of the hotel areas which front them.


The Pacific hits the beach like a sledge hammer.


The ocean must shelve very quickly here because the waves start breaking very big and VERY close to shore.

A regular visitor and her daughter were sitting in the sand after having a few cocktails and the ocean jumped up and took them. The daughter saved her mom who was carried from the water and resuscitated.

The currents are deadly and the wave action unpredictable.

The place is humid and hot as are most beach locations but the black sand makes this one worse than a white sand location.

The town is ….ok.  It’s small.


It’s a tourist trap kinda place with some good points.


Lots of shops for geegaws.


Breakfast can be had for $25 Q.


A fried chicken place will sell you a breast …11 Q and fries…5 Q and it’s pretty good or you can buy other combos for very little.

There is a marina area where you can get launches to take you into the mangrove swamp sightseeing or transport you to another small town not too far away.


You can get 3 hours of fishing offshore in a launch for 90 Q.

There are stores with cold beer…the cheapest…5 Q and flipflops and crocs and junk.

There is this weird place where Len bought a hamburger which turned out to be a fishburger and my nachos were yuk !


On the other hand, for what it is, where it is, it serves a purpose to those who find pleasure in just having a different place to go.

I did meet a beautiful Belgium by the name of Sophie and her son William but spelled with a G. I enjoyed their company a lot and hated to see them go a day ahead  of myself.


083                                                                                                                                                  Sophie was a bright , attractive and worldly woman who has a great personality and a dynamite smile. She also has a great look in a bikini and a son who is a credit to his culture.


118                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               There was a lady named Anna who was kind of cordial and was from Finland and who Len found attractive.


There was a nice couple from Panajachel at Lake Atitlan who own a para-sailing business.


Len and I walked and looked and drank and ate and did whatever we could on the time and funds we had and were absolutely thrilled to leave Monterrico behind and return to the cool air of Antigua even though it’s raining here.


We saw and did and sweated and now…if I never see Monterrico again it will be fine with me BUT….that is simply my opinion based on where I’ve been, what I’ve done and what I’ve seen on a Wing and a Prayer budget.


For those who don’t need much to feel like the top pup at the dog show….check it out. You may find it right up your anal alley !