Today was Monday….May 12th….2014 and the crew played a round of croquet and had cocktails and snacks under the rancho at Tony and Jo’s here on the Isla Utila.

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There were the usual suspects plus one or two new to the tribe and we laughed and chatted,some swam, and we all flooded our innards with libations of one sort or the other.

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I gave my buddy Arthur my palm leaf as a parting gift and he looked rather dashing. I renamed him Arturo De La Cruz and now if Yvonne will find him a burro, he can give Juan Valdez a run for his money.

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Tony and Jo were wonderful hosts … usual…. and two of the most fun people besides being informative and sharing.

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Joe came with his two youngsters, Allan, and Alex and I love the three of them and Allan and I played a round of croquet together while Alex practiced being little Miss Helpful. Great kids!

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Arthur and John won the croquet match by cheating (secretly practicing all week in the bush) and then flaunted it while holding court poolside.

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The snacks were yummy and everyone seemed to enjoy them tremendously.

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I finally took my leave and wandered homeward while admiring the local flora.

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The full moon rose early and hung in the afternoon sky which forced me to take photos.

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I went looking for my Aussie buddy, Chris, but failed to find him so stopped at The Bent Elbow for Quesadillas and a final hug from Jackie, Annie and Cynthia. I sat on the deck overlooking the bay as they chatted with each other and me. My lip was long when I left there and as with many of those who I will leave behind, I will miss them big time.

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I have enjoyed my time here very much and although I didn’t get any of the sequel to Deadly Caye written, I added precious memories to the vault and once again can only thank God for these blessings.

I came home, showered and called it a night, waking up several times with a growly gut which seems ok this morning. Maybe it was the 5 cans of Carta Blanca! LOL.

Life will be lacking by leaving these lovely folks behind but time…and I…move forward.