Living on a Caribbean island was a dream of mine for more years than I care to count and now it has become another feather in my bonnet.


Utila, Honduras has been a pleasant, if sometimes aggravating experience.

It’s a pretty little place with a wealth of characters and a very unique feel to it.

Utila can be noisy and trashy and frustrating on a regular basis but if one is lucky enough to survive the speeding motorcycles and tuktuks and golf carts, the island has a lot of beauty and openess about it. There is a really fun expat community LOADED with stories and mysteries of who, when, why  and how.


There are many natives who carry themselves with a sense of past and purpose and their families have carved out their names in island history for 200 years. They came from Britain originally and the patois of their speech carries an odd Scottish sound to it mixed with black Caribbean slang and at times can be both irritatingly loud and harsh and rather musical. It’s better heard from the tongues of the men for the women tend to sound like parrots screeching at one another.

There is enough to see and do here to keep a person busy. You have to look but there is Water Caye and Neptunes and Jade Seahorse and dive shops and snorkeling. There are pretty beaches and lots of bars and a few really good places to eat and lots of eateries that will do in a pinch. There are paddle boards and kayaks and great sunsets on rickety piers with good companions and flowing libations.


Utila fed my dream of cerulean waters and white sand beaches and for now I’m satiated.

I’ve roamed and sweated and splashed and blabbed to my hearts content and I am done with it and ready to move on.

BUT….there are the young and beautifuls everywhere you look and I look a lot with a practiced eye. The star of this entry is Linnia. She is a Dane and is  here divng and attracting wrecks. She looks 12 but is actually fully grown although maybe not fully seasoned. When I first saw her swimming along in the bay I thought she was a mermaid and so I stood on shore and watched her until finally she beached and climbed from the water.002

In my usual bashful way of chasing down young beauties while wiping the drool from my chin and the tears from my eyes, I approached her and started conversing.

I adore….and am extremely jealous of (because my youth has long fled) young women before they develop the sawtoothed edge of a great carnivore and the tendency of thinking that  men are  kibbles and bits. I know  that is usually just a phase, akin to the one that men go through where their private parts are compasses to future disasters. Ah ! To be young enough to sharpen a tooth occasionally ! LOL

Linnia is a  lovely and warm and fun to talk with little sea flower and before she re-entered the water and swam away I took this photo. What wonders sometimes paddle ashore here, dripping with seasalt and straining against wet fabric and smilingly indulge an old dragon with a bit of banter and a flash of days gone by.

Linnia…..my mermaid encounter. 

I will post those establishments later which I recommend for one thing or another but that will come on my next post. This one was more about….mermaids….and Danes !

In an effort to be fair minded I’ll try to address a seahag or two in the next posting replete with their own sour mash brand of stomping on everything they don’t own and swinging through the jungle with a  booty bag and a lawyer between their teeth. Bitter comment you say? Not from my perch !