Firstly, let me say that I’ve had some good meals here. Secondly, I believe in giving credit where it’s due and that doesn’t mean it’s a 100 +.0053 1024x768

But, It’s a solid upper 90′s for an island which is definitely challenged when it comes to imaginative food.

The one thing I fault MOST of the restaurants here for is poor service by US standards. People don’t seat you and smile and make you feel welcome and try to make themselves part of a great experience and often neither do owners. It’s not a bunch of charm school graduates.

Secondly, the island isn’t cheap but that IS understandable since so much is shipped in by water ferry.

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They don’t wait tables. You order at the register.

Several times I’ve tried to sample the grilled items at RJ’s BBQ but have never timed it to the three days a week when they were open.

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Today was different. I went to a usual place but couldn’t get the attention of the servers so walked to RJ’s and waited for 2 hours, drinking beer with the owner and his family. I’m soooo glad I did.

Robert Bush, native islander with lots of Louisiana time under his belt, knows how to turn out a good product.


His wife and the staff (family) put out flavorful, well thought out side dishes.

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They were smiling, friendly folks who have a large family with deep roots here.

They made me feel welcome and were kind and curious.

I had a chicken breast with wing attached, a tasty salad, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, pumpkin, rice pilaf and garlic toast. I also had a bottle of water, a bottled Coke, and 2 Salva Vida beers. Tax, tip, out the door ? 370 lempiras or $18.50. If I hadn’t had the Coke and beers? $7.50  the drinks plus 18% alcohol tax was $11.

I will eat there again although this was definitely a “TREAT” when it came to my budget.

Saw Raquel and some of her family selling trinkets and stopped and took a couple of photos.010

009They were the ones kind enough to invite me to their Easter family dinner of fish stew , which I enjoyed.

Stopped back by the first place and had a glass of tea, $1.50, and an argument with one of the young servers who had provoked my ire by ordering me out of her way several days ago when my arms were loaded with dirty dishes. I said something then which I now I regret but my temper snapped at being disrespected. MY fault! Shouldn’t have gone back.

Ran into my British friends and several others who I know and visited with them a bit and they gave me a ride home and we made some plans.

Friday outing done!