Spent with friends and their families and then a bit of solitude to enjoy the view God gave me and THINK.

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I was invited to share a fish soup and did and found it tasty and nutritious even though I couldn’t enjoy the whole fish in it because of the bones. The broth and vegetables and rice were filling and I was grateful.023 1024x768
The churches were full here and people did as their hearts bid them.
I wandered from place to place, sometimes finding who I was looking for, sometimes not. 0091 1024x768

I did not have family although I spoke with some and texted others.042 1024x768

005However, I felt cared for and safe and aware of what my life is versus what it could have been and I am fortunate.

I met a young hearing impaired couple and was struck by their peaceful countenances and seeming tranquility and lack of self involvement in comparison to the other young folk who were flexing their personalities as they jockeyed for position.

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I sat by the bay and reflected and watched a gorgeous sunset and was Blessed by the opportunity.

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Late in the afternoon I bought some medication for my cough and sore throat and came home shortly after sundown for a night of rest.