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2014 was a good day. I paid my first visit to Water Cay. Today, I realized I’d been robbed at my apartment of two items, a notebook computer and a pad. Thieves are everywhere but this one had to have a key.

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At 1pm a group of us gathered at Austin’s boat house for a trip to spend an afternoon together. Austins dog wanted to go but was convinced to stay home.

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This crew consisted of Mayra, Gracia, Kacie, Yvonne, Chris, Arthur and yours truly snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful white sands and cerulean waters of a small cay offshore of the main island.

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We got underway at 1:28 and returned at about 6.

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There were a lot of folks enjoying the cay and I wandered around taking photos.


016The cay is quite beautiful and only accessed by boat. There was an entry fee of $2.50 per person.


No refreshments are for sale so be sure to take your own.

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My Aussie buddy, Chris, gave me an assist and I was able to snorkel and see beautiful fan coral, brain coral and others as well as tropical fish including a couple of barracuda. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t waterproof.

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There was a nice young couple honeymooning there. They are chiropractors and will soon be undergoing additional training in San Antonio, Texas before taking up residence near Chicago. Their names are Adam & Sarah Randles and I wish them all the happiness they can find.

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They were spending the night alone, camping on the cay and it made me smile.


We came back very late and the sea gave us a beating. Should have gone early and returned early. Live and learn.

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The trip over and back was $45 divided among the 7 of us. Just ask anyone for directions to Austins boat trips. He’s a gem and can be found waterfront about a hundred yards before Driftwood Bar & Grill.

There is security on the cay provided by the marine police.


Thanks to Arthur & Yvonne,

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Kacie & Chris,

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and  Mayra & Gracia for being such pleasant companions.