This week started the Easter celebration in Latin America and it’s a week of  craziness …as usual.

This first photo is NOT Utila. It’s Dominican Republic!


I spent the better part of a day riding around with my Texas buddy Scott on his golf cart. Most of the residents down here seem to be “hiding” out, which is a big norm for many Gringos in Latin America but Scott is a boat engineer.

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We rode down to Coral View Dive Center & Resort and met up with our Aussie free dive friend, Chris. We also met John, who was there waiting on my new friends, the Penningtons.

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I took a couple of shots of a house of some American  friends where I went to a dinner recently.

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The water was very clear so I took several shots of that as well.

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The island wraps around an inlet but is primarily Mangrove swamps and nearly impassable except by boat until the Neptune Resort area is reached.

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The air was really clear today and we rode out to the north point and could see the mountains of the mainland as well as  our neighboring island, Roatan.

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My buddy needed to buy some electrical power (strange how people go buy power a little at a time) so we went to the power company office where I waited outside snapping photos while he took care of business.

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We made several runs by the public beach where the crowds were gathering to enjoy themselves and I…of course…photographed lovelies ! 

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Stopped to chat with Bobo.

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Time rolls on….ISLAND TIME, that is! LOL

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