As time flows and comes and goes, opinions (once considered well formed) began either to firm and solidify or become confused.

Utila is a beautiful island. There are many fine people here and a kazillion expats and backpackers and dive bums. Some of these are interesting and fun people and some are scumbags. In that respect Utila is just like everywhere else. In Utila the difference is size and because of it’s small size you come into contact with just about all of them very quickly.

The prices aren’t far off U.S. in the stores and restaurants and more than U.S. in some instances.

The water is lovely as are the sunsets and the beaches are pretty and enjoyable.

Traffic is horrible and extremely dangerous as virtually everyone on the island uses the narrow 12 foot wide roads as a footpath and a motor raceway. In typical Latino fashion the Hondurans, those who have wheels, roar around with a “Look At Me ” disregard for the lives and rights of others. That was straight from the lips of two native Utilans. The tourist, apparently not intelligent enough to excel by example, do the same stupid and deadly speeding without regard for children, the elderly, or those who are their drunk or  drug fogged friends which is really what Utila is about for the diver trainee, backpacker crowd at times. There are plenty of traveling lowlifes. There also is a solid core of exceptions who, once again, are great young people or retired baby boomers.. The new mayor,Troy Bodden, is trying to get a grip on the problems, left over from the past administration, but like everything else in Latin America, it’s a slow process. It can be dangerous to walk alone here after midnight and two murders have occurred here in the last couple of years. There is an element that I’ve seen hanging around the main intersection that I would definitely label unsavory.

I’ve made some good connections here and am fairly content with my experience other than traffic issues.

As I said, the island is beautiful and has the prospects to become as….if not more…. popular than Roatan and when that happens, real estate prices here will soar. In my travels I always see the upside and downsides of each place I visit. I look for them purposely to give honest and objective evaluations of what I see. There are plenty of travelers who only have “rosy” on their color palettes when they paint of their experiences. Perhaps it is because they avoid what I seek, the full view. As an experienced real estate professional, it is something I look at with an educated eye. Utila is poised to leap forward once the few downsides are addressed. Every Eden has a snake or two ! LOL.

I’ll repost as I become more familiar or ….educated into the Utila way of thought ?

For now I give Utila a tentative 7.5 with possibilities of maxing at 8.5.