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Having always felt a bond with boaters, it has been a privilege over the last several days to make the acquaintance of several who are temporarily anchored here.

My latest venture into the world of the nautical came aboard Kairos, a 48 foot cutter rigged Tayana, whose captain, Bill Carmichael, was kind enough to invite me aboard, pour me a beer and show me around. Here is his Homepage, www.VoyagesofKairos.com

From there you may see great shots of his yacht and keep up with him.

Bill is living his dream and kudos to him. He’s an interesting, successful man who sold his oil & gas related business in Houston and forswore more wealth for more adventure as he cruises the world aboard his sailing yacht. At 61 he’s happy as a man can be doing what it is that has been his dream for a lifetime.

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Of course, being me, I immediately put him on the spot asking if at some point in time he would consider taking me along as crew on a trip. I thought he might throw up for a second and then gave me a yes. It was a very qualified “yes” and I found it to be amazing how much alike we are in many ways. Giving more than we are comfortable with being one of those similarities. LOL.

We sat in the cockpit sipping our beer while he shared stories of his professional life in a humble and open manner which I found very refreshing and then he showed me some of the gadgetry aboard Kairos.

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After an hour or so Bill deposited me dockside then went along his way, which in his own words, he prefers to be solitary. Unless of course, there is some gorgeous hottie who wants to sail for a bit. 

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It was a great experience, an awesome deviation from the day for me.

From there I went to Driftwood where Sharon (the owner), Linda, Linda#2, Dan, and Jungle were sitting by the bbq pit having a cocktail. Sharon bought me a beer and I joined them for awhile.

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As usual, I had one of my moments when I failed to exercise caution in my comments and it went downhill rapidly as I was called a bigot and a traitor for some remarks I made about Mr. Obama. Such is life and such is my stupidity.

I wandered back to Buccaneers, had dinner and arrived home in time to catch a 3 hour nap before being awoken by a bunch of foul mouth young drunks screaming in the street outside my apartment. Not only were the drunk and obnoxious but trespassing on the adjoining property while stealing mangoes. They finally left after waking everyone up and I stayed awake playing online pool until 3:30 am. Another adventure on Utila.