Day started great and ended great.

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Met some nice people at breakfast at Pirate Bay. Then returned home for a spell, changed clothes and struck off again. Stopped in at rehab and chatted with Jim and Marco and met Kim, from Montana, who is here with her boyfriend. She gave Thailand a big thumbs up.

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Popped down to a little shop and looked at do rags with skulls and crossbones on them and chilled out in the ac for awhile.

Then I wandered into the Buccanneer and met the owners, Patrick and Nellie and the bartender Kati and had some great conversation and a chicken tenders dinner washed down with three Cuba Libres. I thought Patrick was Morris Creighton reincarnated for a minute because he reminded me of Morris a bit in his younger days.

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0081 1024x768Then I went to the Bent Elbow to pay my tab from yesterday and then hoofed it to Skidrow where I met a truckload of expats Like Steve from Dallas and Steve from Florida and Ken from New York and Barb and like and on and on and on. I saw Babe coming in from fishing empty handed but the East wind is blowing and that be da way it be.

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Stopped by the store and got some eggs and banana nut bread and now I’m sitting here plotting against the masses.

Good day on the island.