9:30am found us gathered at Austins and waiting to board his boat and start on our trip A…round Utila. He said it might be kinda rough until we cleared the north shore and my bruised butt can testify to the truth of that statement.

0016 1024x768

The waves slammed us up and down until I was sore in every joint.

0084 1024x768

We finally rounded the point and got it astern of us. We were soaked as well as sore.

0105 1024x768

We motored along and came to Rocky Cay and Sandy Cay and all the rest and stopped at Pidgeon Cay for lunch where I had a tuna special and 2 beers for $7.

054 1024x768

We saw some turtles and Silver Kings and walked around for a few minutes while our meal was being prepared.

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047 1024x768Then we boarded again along with some peddlers who took it for granted that they could ride back with us. They took up the middle with all their wares and Connie, Arthur and I rode the wet seat while the rest of our crew rode the bucking bow.

0481 1024x768

Was glad to get back to the big island. Paid our $12.50  each, went to Connies and had a beer and then home for a shower and a rest before the party at the Broussard residence.