Today was a beautiful day in Utila, Honduras.

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I wandered down to Rehab, a place owned by Lee and a haunt of Gringos. It’s next to the public beach. I took Cassandra, the Canadian bartender, a care package of Gallo Pinto. On my way there I stopped and dropped some off to Joya, a nice lady with a little coffee shop.

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From there I bounced over to Driftwood, owned by a Texas lady named Sharon. I had a Fresca and chatted with Jungle Jim and Marco and gave them a tentative thumbs up on their bbq pit full of smoked (black) chickens. Any que is better than none? LOL

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I went back toward town and had some fried chicken for lunch cooked by Mary and visited with Nio who arrived here 40 years ago from Puerto Cortes. He worked as a carpenter, building houses. He lost his wife 3 years ago and the telling brought him to tears. Sad.

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Moving on down, I made tentative plans to go snorkeling and fishing with Babe for $75 US which was also quoted to me by another guide for $100. That may happen next week,

I stopped by a small grocery and said hello to Ward, the owner. After chatting briefly I stepped back out to the street and moments later was almost hit by a speeding motorcyclist.

Down the street a bit I saw the Canadian diver moving around inside his gate with an extension ladder and stopped to offer help but a minute later a tuktuk arrived. The ladder was loaded on the tuktuk roof and the Canadian mounted his bike and peddaled rapidly away as the tuktuk driver turned his taxi around and roared after him while holding the ladder on his roof with one hand.

I walked on toward town and hearing something approaching behind me turned in the nick of time to avoid being run over by a bicyclist who was being intentionally forced into me by three of his friends on a golf cart. Crazy kids!

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I went to the municipality to complain about the speeders and the endangerment to life and was cordially welcomed by Garrett, the police chief.

Garrett told me that Troy Bodden, the new mayor, was in the capital asking for a police station and policemen to come assist Garret in reversing a trend toward speeding and unacceptable behavior that is seen by the local elders as detrimental to tourism.

Returning in the direction from whence I came I went to the internet cafe to offset a lack of service at my apartment.

I went to a laundry next to the internet place and met Gizelle, Barbara and Melody who will have a shot at being my new laundresses since the one across from the apartment returned my clothes looking like a bundle of rags.

From there I went back to a cool little place playing island music where Annie the HCIC (Honduran Chick In Charge) and I laughed and got acquainted while I had a cold beer.

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Smiling broadly and needing to empty my bladder I made my way homeward to find the internet huffing and puffing along.

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Fixed some dinner, watched some news, and posted this for the benefit of ya’ll!