Day 4 and I’ve seen a bunch, walked a bunch and met some nice folks

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There is much to see and do on Utila and it’s an experience that most would appreciate. Peak season is right around the corner and there will be no excess of accommodations.

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Apartments can be had here from around $200 up and very nice ones are available at $450 – $600. Anything under $300 may get you relieved of your possessions when you aren’t home. Petty theft is basically the only crime on Utila although I did see what I’m sure was a crack deal go down yesterday between a Honduran on a motorbike and a tall rough looking black guy.

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I’m making a few new friends and spending a lot of time checking places out.

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There are only two down sides to Utila. One of them is about wheels and the tuk tuk drivers and motorbike riders in this place are gonna kill someone (hopefully not a child) speeding up and down the narrow main drag and even more narrow side streets. The mayor plans on addressing this soon.

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The other down side is my fellow countrymen and women and their filthy, loud, ignorant mouths. I wish it was confined to the stupidity and lack of class of the young as I have previously commented on but it’s not and the white trash folks of America seems to show up everywhere these days. A wonderful experience can be dulled by unpleasant people. Other than that….GO UTILA !

Today I walked about 7 miles and I’m and inch shorter and suffering from muscle rebellion. I went to a lovely place called Bando Beach. The owner, Dick, is an appropriately named fellow who told me a lie about why he had no cold drinks,or at least so said several other people I mentioned it to. He has a lovely place though and charges $3 to experience it, which I think is fair enough even though his conversational skills improve considerably if he’s talking to a bikini clad individual. LOL.

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Prices on the island aren’t cheap but definitely manageable if a little thought and planning is used. Beer… $7 a sixpack, eggs are 20 cents each. A can of vienna sausage is a buck and sandwich ham slices are ridiculous. Spaghetti is 2 bucks for a package and Ragu sauce is $4 a jar while hamburger is somewhere between out of sight and outta their minds. A big jar of hamburger dills is $5 and a small jar of peanut butter is $4. Onions are 80 cents each and on and on.

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The weather is great. The sun is bright. The sea is wet. And the sunsets are painted by God. So far that is what I’ve found. More will come later. All in all...I’m loving my days here.

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