Having only been in country here for three days I have very mixed emotions so far.

I arrived in the murder capital of the world (San Pedro Sula) on Valentines day at around noon and thanks to a $28 bus ticket to La Ceiba on Hedman Alas Lines, I quickly put all that behind me.

I arrived in La Ceiba terminal at 6:45pm and was met by Carlos from Hotel Casa de Espana and quickly transported, along with a late deciding passenger, to the hotel where, once checked in, we were fed a well prepared but expensive (by SA standards and content) meal on the rooftop dining room and bar.011 1024x768

The room was clean and comfortable and worth the $50 I was charged.

The promised hot water for my relaxing shower never appeared so, privates snarling and trying to disappear, I took a cold but cleansing gallop through the shower and snorting, blowing, and goosepimpled, I quickly dried and dashed off to slumberland.

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The complimentary breakfast next morning was delicious and the ride to the ferry was quick and painless. I was due $20 in change from the previous evening which was given but turned out to be $10 so I guess the transport didn’t come with the room and meal after all as implied. Carlos and his staff were pleasant and efficient and so I can’t really say too much other than….he’s clever.

Arrived dockside, purchased the AGAIN $28 ticket to Utila on the ferry, met some nice and interesting folks, bribed a dock worker to see to the order of loading and unloading for my luggage and arrived in Utila after a bouncy ride of about 40 minutes duration. I’ll post a couple of shots of Utila to finish this post and save the rest for the next post.

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