It’s odd but as much as I like Utila and as much as there is still to do and see and as many people as I’ve met and as positive as my experiences have been, I’ve hit a wall and depression is setting in.

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0162 1024x768Now you may ask how I could be depressed. Since you didn’t, I’ll tell you anyway. It’s more expensive here than other countries I’ve visited with maybe Costa Rica as the exception.

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It’s actually more in line with U.S. prices and when you’re running on a quarter tank it’s a hard budget to make and do anything besides sleep. For instance eggs are 15 cents each and a loaf of bread is $2 and a package of sorry hotdog weinies is $4 and tonight I bought a 5 pack of flour tortillas and a small foil pack of refried beans and a small bottle of salsa verde and it was $7 and I could’ve had a complete dinner out for about $9 but nothing here sounds good to me anymore except Chinese and they are only open M-W- F. LOL.

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I’ve met some nice folks. Connie, who lost her husband as they were preparing to come here on a months vacation. They had a mobile home park in Wisconsin and now she has that to contend with alone. Then there are Arthur and Yvonne Crook from Birmingham, England. Led here originally by their daughter, they bought a nice place and have a two bedroom furnished apartment downstairs for rent for $400 a month in a quiet country setting about a 15 min. walk from the main area of town.

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There’s Joe, an ex cop who is a really nice fellow and dad to a couple of youngsters and there is Dan #2 his cousin who lives in Houston and is thinking about starting a weekly flight to Utila from Hooks airport for about $900 RT. There’s Scott who is chief engineer on a drilling ship and from New Braunfels and makes me wish I was 52 again and NOT all in the same mouthful of BS.0064 1024x768

There’s Dan # 1 who works for the power company here and knows all the deals to be had on the mainland.

There’s Christina, a lovely married blonde from Norway with 4 or 5 kids who I met today on a pier while I waited on a water taxi.

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There’s cool stuff to see and cute girls in their twenties rolling doobies on the beach and all kinds of opportunities for those with a buck or two and the youth to chase a dream….neither of which I have BTW.

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I’ve taken shots of Scott’s pit and Driftwood and Rehab and Joe cooking a pig and people and beautiful girls

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and great water0074 1024x768

and other stuff and I’ll start showing it and quit when I get tired.. Tomorrow I get my hair buzzed and take photos of the apartment for Arthur so I can post it for rent. Sat. several of us are going to spend the day circling the island by motor dory that belongs to Austin. So, I’m busy but……. ?

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Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

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