Yesterday was a great day on Utila. There was a nice breeze coming in off the water to the east, the sun was shining on the cerulean waters which sparkled like cut crystal.

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I started by checking in with Jungle Jim at Driftwood which is closed on Monday. Jim is usually there messing around on his computer and he had been the subject of a bad run in with a piece of chicken several days ago which had lodged in his throat and given him problems.  I wanted to see how he was doing.

After that I went next door and introduced myself to Scott from Sugarland, Texas who is an engineering officer aboard an offshore drilling ship. Scott lives here on Utila when he isn’t working and has a nice waterfront place next to Driftwood. I talked his ear off and finally left so that he could carry on with his day. He did invite me to a bbq at his house to take place today. I’ll stop by.

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I walked up the public beach road stopping and a local bar which normally blasts music out to Jupiter and Saturn and introduced myself to the ladies working there.

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Moving on I talked to and took several photos of those I met along the beach.

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Then  I caught a tuktuk back toward town.

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I saw Jungle Jim and Marco walking and abandoned my cab ride to walk and talk with them. They seemed preoccupied so I abandoned them and started wandering into places to see who was there.

I stopped at a local produce market and bought a head of cabbage for $3. I continued on, chatting here and there, until reaching Buccaneers. I went in and checked stock for several items I needed to make my family recipe cole slaw. Not finding it all I went shopping to two of the local markets. As always I was amazed at prices which I thought were unreal. A gallon of Wesson vegetable oil here is $26. A quart of Mazola canola was $5.25 while a quart of Heintz vinegar is $3.35 and a little packet containing whole cloves is 55 cents add tax of 15 % to all these purchases and you’ll have an idea of the cost of buying things here.

There was an employee meeting yesterday at Buccaneer to discuss problems. I wasn’t asked to attend and so assumed I wasn’t part of the problems. I made my cole slaw and got a thumbs up from Patrick as being the kind he liked and was used to but Nellie didn’t care for it because Hondurans put lime in theirs and make it sour ? Oh well ! I’m trying to develop dishes for Americans to go with barbecue, not for Hondurans, but we’ll see. how it works out. The pit construction has started at Buccaneers.

Buccaneers is a great place to meet folks and here are some of the recent patrons.

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I ordered a grilled chicken breast to take home and eat with some cold slaw and paid for my Powder Monkey drink I’d had earlier. My bill came to  $7.50.  I caught a ride home, ate, and played with my friends on Facebook. Rain came in last night and has carried over into today. I’m doing some heavy thinking about a variety of things and we’ll see what I come up with.

Utila….quite the experience.

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