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Today is just another day in Paradise as they say on Utila.

This is a beautiful island which, like any other place has it’s share of problems.

For some reason most of Latin America is littered with trash and the locals don’t care. The general lack of cleanliness and sanitation carries over to every aspect of their lives including their handling of food to sell.

Machismo is also a problem and carries it’s own brand of stupidity.
Common sense is not a Latino strong point but temperament, similar to that of a spoiled child, is. Lack of general intelligence which includes safety issues for the population and specifics for elderly and children are totally ignored by a vast majority of the males of this culture but women are often as guilty.

Modern or progressive thinking in the area of problem solving is also lacking in these societies and usually a repair is a piece of wire or string instead of a new part and a job is seldom done with pride taken in the process but if a chimp could do it and it works after a half hearted attempt to jury rig it, chests will be stuck out and big proud grins will abound. These things are especially true wherever you find a Mestizo type culture, whether Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, etc. It s a given and the norm.

Take all of that into consideration and then weigh it against an unhurried lifestyle in a tropical setting with cerulean blue water and sugar white beaches and a fairly friendly English speaking citizenry. Add the fact that although NOT CHEAP it IS fairly inexpensive for island living in the Caribbean and you will have Utila. The major upside is the newly elected mayor and his efforts at cleaning up Utila as well as some very interesting opportunities for smart money.

Took sweet little Apple to the beach this morning where she introduced herself wet, sandy fur and all, to those who were present. We both enjoyed it. 

Utila… temporary home ! It’s sorta okey dokey.