Started off this day in the same way I ended it, with a smile.

Wandered around visiting folks I’ve gotten to know and enjoyed it. Met a Frenchwoman at Buccaneers. She said she was a chef who is here working on her dive certifications. She started out sociable but then changed and got a bit unsociable when I asked her a question while she was doing something on her computer. People and their technology!

Started home and was offered a ride by a beautiful Utilan by the name of Naomi Jackson. I accepted and sat on the back of her four wheeler while she drove me home.

Later I walked down the hill and spent some time with Patrick and Nelly and Apple, their Golden Retriever. I also picked up the keys to my new apartment and will start moving Monday.

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I met a great looking rooster in their yard and had a nice chat until he started crowing about stuff and I got bored with it and said goodbye.

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Then I gave them a break and wandered on out to Driftwood and Rehab where I continued visiting with friendly folks with kind spirits. I went out on to the public beach and snapped a few photos.

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There was a couple there who made me smile. He was a Dallas guy and his wife was from Michigan where they live now. Nice folks and funny.

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Then there was a lovely South African blonde who I had met previously swimming with a young fellow who was also from South Africa. They had met here on Utila but had never seen one another before that. :) Kismet

0122 1024x768

I went back to Rehab and took a photo of a cat and a little island schoolchild who was doing her homework there.

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Then I went home and took a shower and fixed some dinner. After that I walked to Buccaneers and ran into Naomi having dinner alongside Patrick and Nelly. Had a nice visit and came home. End of walkabout.