Yesterday I took about an hour walk because I was bored. I had lunch with Patrick Flynn at his restaurant, Buccaneer, and it was something I came up with that the cook didn’t apparently understand because it wasn’t what I was thinking but it was ok.

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Then, I invited myself to ride with Patrick out to his farm to check on things and he was kind enough to allow me to ride along although I think he would have preferred to go alone.

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He dropped me off at my apartment and I rested awhile and took a shower and then took this walk I was telling you about. I walked south across the bridge and past the temporary dock and when I reached Bando Beach I turned around and started back.

A red macaw which is a pet of a local resident was sitting in a treetop so I took a photo.

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I saw Patrick talking to a couple of men at the dock and he spoke, so I stopped and said hello and made a few simple-minded comments and then walked on.

I took a couple of photos of island homes and then caught a tuktuk taxi to Driftwood, a bar/eatery/hangout owned by Sharon who is a Texan and a recent widow.

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Jungle Jim, who I really like and enjoy, was there and we sat and chatted while having a couple of beers together as I ate a smoked chicken and rice concoction. It was supposedly French inspired and almost a gumbo consistency which, by the time I loaded it with Franks hot sauce, tasted ok and almost Cajun. I paid my $11 bill and coupled with $8 I’d spent at Buccaneers and $2.50 on taxi’s and another $3 at the store put me $3.50 over my daily budget and so it goes.

A large part of my walk time was spent dodging idjit taxi drivers and the even more dangerous and ridiculous people on scooters and motorcyles and four wheelers who race around on crowded streets as if they have something of an emergency but who really are just ignorant people who don’t consider safety worth slowing down for. This is one of the really big negatives of Utila.

I went home to swelter under the fans in my apartment and slept fairly well and here I am this morning, Thursday March 6, 2014, writing about it so I won’t have to feel unproductive.

More as it happens.