This morning…scuze me….this afternoon, I left the house with a semblance of a plan which did not materialize. But it worked out nicely anyway, as do most of my days since I decided to not take life…or myself… too seriously.

This first photo is where I will be moving to in a couple of weeks. It belongs to my friends Patrick & Nelly Flynn. My apartment will be second floor front on the left corner.

012 1024x768

Then I took a photo of a small cruise ship which brought a bunch of visitors to the island and suddenly I wasn’t surrounded by kids anymore.

0022 1024x768

I later took this other photo of a part of the crew who would only tell me where they were from but nothing about the ship which led me to believe they either were aliens or geriatric drug dealers.

0102 1024x768

Later at Rehab I was amazed at the little fishes swimming by pretending to be whales and I thought “There but for a pair of legs and no imagination go I! ” What clear water!

0032 1024x768

Strangely, at age 66, I still use my “What If? ” imagination occasionally and so I took a photo of Amerika who was tending bar at rehab and now I can sleep on it!

0052 1024x768

Earlier today, Ric Bauer mentioned that I did some photos devoid of humanity so I took this beach shot for him.

0082 1024x768

I finished off my day of virtually ignoring my camera by taking an un-posed and possibly unappreciated photo of the Flynns, Patrick & Nelly.

0092 1024x768

This concluded my snapping but not my day. I came home to put all this together and throw it in a blender for youse guys. I’m experiencing stomach cramps and didy rear as I have come to know them in Latin America but will wait and see what happens next before throwing myself to the reef sharks which used to live here in abundance when there was a slaughterhouse but disappeared until they heard I was here with a delicate stomach.

Oh well ! Here it is and there it goes. Hope you have a lovely look and enjoy my efforts.