I made friends with a guy from Rhode Island named Jake and Rob & Deb, a couple from Chicago.

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We all met up at Driftwood, owned by Sharon from Texas. Other Texans showed up (Yay!) as well as some cuties on a sportfisherman from Roatan. One of the cuties was more of a snob than the others but she was from Boston, rated #3 most arrogant city in the US. She started pushing my buttons but stopped just shy of LAUNCH. LOL.

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Had some really good ceveche and some cold beer and I wished my new friends a fond farewell. 

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Left there and took a tuktuk to Buccaneers for a late night Copabanana (my concoction and recipe posted previously) then went home to listen to the neighbor's dog bark until 3:45 am.

New day.