Southern Peru including Lima (a beautiful city overlooking the Pacific), Cusco, Aquas Caliente and Arequipa were lovely and certainly inviting and accommodating. I experienced these locations during a trip to Peru to visit the world famous, Machu Picchu, Inca ruins. Machu Picchu itself was awesome but I won’t need to return, one visit being enough. Aquas Caliente was fun and touristy and Cusco was an interesting place to wander for several days. Arequipa was a wonderful surprise as far as the architecture and climate was concerned and although I typically don’t feel an empathy with high desert, Arequipa was lovely and interesting. Northern Peru I found to be dirty and dangerous as well as inhospitable to tourists. We rode a bus from Loja, Ecuador to Piura, Peru and I will never recommend that trip to anyone. It was similar to riding a bus through a garbage dump with the windows down. As it stands at this point (2/12/2014), Peru is my least favorite country visited based almost entirely on my experiences in the north.

The southern part of the country has a vastly different feel to it and so....I must admit being torn about my vison of this diverse country.

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